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Submission of Applications Extended!
10:52 AM
Good news, everyone!

We decided to extend the application part of the contest for another week. So, you can still apply and get into this amazing competition and win $1,000. Don't forget to tell your friends!

For those of you who have already applied, use this additional time to work on your website, 'cause the contest is going to be intense!

Yours truly,
uCoz team

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how to personalize my web sad

Great work by ucoz team ,realy a wonderfull job.

gr8 contest for every won

I hope my site will win. I'll be promoting UCOZ services to my friends and relatives and to my website... cool

ppl where to download a forum as here blink http://www.hondraft.com/forum/

how cand you put your friends rate your site , when they never see your site?

lol asdfgh,, what are you talking about??? read my comments again... I said my friends only need to view my site once.. You are a smart person, I don't have to explain something over and over for you to understand,, do I? dry

I found this contestant http://win.ucoz.com/dir/0-0-1-284-20 has only 130 visits but 538 votes?
Is there some frauds here?

lol darkdevil666.. it's because I told my facebook friends to go vote for my website.. (I have 200 people added) they only visit the website once, however the voting has a time limit and after that they can vote again... sooo my website was only viewed 130 times, but voted 538 times... so on average each person voted 4 times... This is totally legal because there is a time limit that you can't vote,, and after that expires you can vote again... hope this helped you happy

Also, I forgot to mention it in my previous comment that other participants vote top-rated websites down too.. for example AAA Windows Replacement Company has 103 views but 488 votes.. this is because I asked people who voted for me to vote them down that way it would be harder for them to catch up... Other top-rated websites do the same to my website (maybe Boulevard 64 with 3.7/5 rating... I really don't know).. so that's why a lot of participants get more number of votes than views.. it's a game,, you vote yourself up and others down.. wacko

So how the meaning of user voting really is? I think it would be fair if each person has right to vote only one time for each website. Every people can vote and vote many times, so if you have many friends or have much time to sit in front of computer, your site will win the user voting award no matter how good or bad your site is.

The votes the websites have today don't really matter. The user voting will start in three weeks from scratch, after the participants will finish their work on their websites.

Ok thanks for letting us know Sunny... And then for how long does the voting phase go on for? (Like after 3 weeks when the voting starts, for how long will the voting go on for?) biggrin

The voting will last one week.

I think the judge will objectively
Tomorrow the end of the competition book

It's only the end of the first stage - application submission.

It would be alright if people DIDN'T rate down every website they see... That hardly seem's fair when all websites are rated 1 or 2 stars...

biggrin HELLO TO ALL EVERY ONE biggrin

hin dude! how are u? smile

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