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A Poem About My Relations with Ucoz)

Two years ago
I started my site,
It was winter and snow,
life's full of delight,
Being slightly aware of html
I was glad to conclude
That I was doing well!

Then just page after page
I learned easily more,
I used gadgests and space,
For my site as a store.
I like safety profiles &,
Designs you suggest,
It's like fairy of styles,
ucoz - your'e the best!

Yes, you helped me a lot
To present what I've got,
So, your system is cool
Both to work and to play,
I learned how to rule
my Site.at.ua

The codes and the stuff
are easy to catch,
to cope, to remember
to study, to match.

You meet all my needs,
You helped me to grow,
I made up a short story,
I wish you to know)

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Total comments: 2
thanks, glad you liked it biggrin

Hahah, awesome!
Didn't expect a poem as entry, but it's pretty well written!

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