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Bcoz of U

I am not a programmer. In fact, back when I first heard about Ucoz from one of my friends online, I was only a student doing my 10th grade. I was modding a game at that time and thought of how cool and convenient it would've been to have a website of my own to host the mod. Although I knew about some free website creators, they were never that powerful for an absolute novice like me. Then after following his advice, I came to ucoz. I was taken away by the default templates some of which were crafted for games! I still remember the smile I had on my face when I typed in what would be the url of my website and chose a template. I was blown away by how I could install stuff like forums and all and how easy it was for an amateur to compose. However not all was very settling and that was when I truly began learning stuff!

Soon, it became that I wasn't very satisfied with the design and wanted to "mod" the design to something that was more representative of the game I was modding. So I began making posters and backgrounds - for someone with limited amount of photoshop experience, it was going to be hard. This had a big impact on me, I learned that I could manipulate images better than I had thought of at first and this put another smile to my face. All that work would've been wasted if it wasn't for the user friendly "Control Panel"! I could put everything together in a matter of minutes by changing few links here and there. This motivated me further. I soon started helping out people with their sites and recommending ucoz to people who were beginners to website making! The entire experience of figuring out the underlying code of my website and understanding it, made me feel good. This lead me to revive my interest in Physics, because to me, it always seemed that Physics is like understanding the code of universe, although it may not be as user friendly as Ucoz. Now I pursue a Science Degree and it's all because I happened to have stumbled up onto a lot of things at the right place at the right time, and this is the case with Ucoz. If it hadn't been for that moment I wanted to try ucoz, my life might've been so much different from what it is...Its all bcoz of "U"coz . smile

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