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How did uCoz change my life

Well, it was August 2011. I was on a website called GameBanana, a site where I could download cool maps/skins/tools for most PC games. While I was downloading one of the maps, I got an idea that was telling me: Why not making my own website?. At the first moment, it was not so much easy to make my own website, because I didn't think about some FREE WEB Hosting companies. So, I started searching for some free web hosters on Google. The first one that was shown was Webs.com. I already knew it because one of my neighbors was also creating a website with it, and it looked horrible. I didn't want to try Webs because I wanted something special, something that only uCoz gave me. On the second place was uCoz. When I first saw it, I thought: "At least I can try.". So, I opened it and registered an account.

After I completed the registration, I finally created a website. Of course, it had the domain .ucoz.com, but I was searching for a domain that contains on .com. So, I was not very happy at the begin, at least I had a site, my own site. I started adding some modules, changing the design etc. And I finished the website few days later, when I started promoting it. Yeah, I knew nobody would register and stay active in it, because there's nothing alluring. The first registered member was my friend. He registered an account as "ProfessorBob". Really cool username, ain't it? But the problem was that he was the only registered member. He told me that the website design may be the problem by telling me that the website's design looks bad. As I didn't have any HTML knowledge at the time, I searched in the design list and found a very very cool (my opinion) template design and picked it.

The site was slowly getting members and still today it doesn't have many members. Of course, it has visits every day but people don't register even if there's interesting content like news, downloads etc. But, I am delighted with uCoz, because it gave me what I always wanted - My own website, and I also found many tutorials on uCoz about HTML coding and much more. uCoz, thank you for everything you gave me, for the website, for the web coding knowledge and for a better life.

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