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How uCoz changed my life

How do I even begin? Well, uCoz changed my life drastically almost 7 years ago. My life took a very big turn when I discovered uCoz.
I was only 11 years old when I decided to try making a site, so I searched around the web for a cool and easy to use CMS.
Used a lot of different ones, all from freewebs to downloadable you had to host or upload to a server. None felt very appealing or customizeable, none but uCoz.

After around two months after my decision of seeking for a good CMS, my brother told me he found something that may be something for me.
It was uCoz. I signed up for an account right away, and was stunned by all the settings and possibilities to customize.
Of course I was a bit lost to begin with, a kid without any knowledge of web development, but I kept on trying to learn the system.
But it was still very user friendly while being advanced as it is.
I admired uCoz for having such power in their CMS and making it simple to use it, anyone can start learning web development if you use uCoz!

I started using my very limited and basic knowledge of Photoshop to edit logotypes and images of the default templates, the sites were still recognizeable, but looked more original and served their purpose better with my own grahpics. I kept on updating my sites with new graphics every week or so, and gradually got better at it.
But it was not enough, I wanted to get better, I wanted to be known as someone who knows how to do this.
So I started new sites, made logos for others and started reading tutorials. My designing kept improving.

Not being satisfied with only replacing images, I decided to go full out on learning HTML and CSS for further editing my sites.
Looking up basic tutorials, I realized that it was easy for me to learn html and css, I understood the logic perfectly, and I used this knowledge to improve my sites quite a lot from earlier versions. People started noticing that I was improving quite fast.

To the left is one of the first sites I made, to the right is my studio site.

After I was fairly good at photoshop and developing, I decided to help others by registering on the support forums, which also introduced me to other great webmasters. I got more inspiration and more will to improve myself.
I started up forums for entertainment and designers, got "jobs" from users, mostly signatures and logos. And them being happy about the work I did for them made me decide; I want to be a web designer, for a living.

For the coming years, I learned a great deal of all kinds of design, and important things about developing sites.
I started being praised for my work, and got myself a good reputation.
I have had many, many sites and projects, and every success and every failure have been good experience for me.

With uCoz you can do whatever your mind may desire, if you have the will for creating something.
I do still to this day reccommend uCoz to webmasters, since it's the best way I have ever encountered to learn and improve your abillities in developing sites. uCoz is great for people without any experience, and people with.

Nowadays, I own my own design studio, webshop and work with design every day.
I study game design and animation, and I am planning on starting up a game development team, as a branch of my studio.
My future as a designer and developer looks bright, and all thanks to uCoz.

I love uCoz for changing my life, and getting me into something I really love doing.
And I do not believe I will ever stop doing what I do.
I actually still use uCoz for my sites, since it is powerful, easy to use and offers so much. I can't possibly show how much of gratitude I have for the founders and staff of uCoz, but I hope you never shut down.
I hope others can and will have as great experience with uCoz as I have.

Thanks for all these years, guys!

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