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How uCoz changed my life

As uCoz changed my life, we had the year 2009 since I was 12 years old! But first of all, some few words about my website carrerr before I know uCoz! smile
I already had create some websites with some other website builder, e.g. weebly or jimdo. But all of them are very bad website builder! You can create a simple website for sure, but with a very low niveau and a touch of generallity! Well, I let my steam off to my friends, untli one of them showed me uCoz! And thats the beginn of a wonderful love! smile

I started with a simple website, with which I learned the basics of uCoz. Like the for a HTML beginner unusual variables! But I learned fast! So I ran my first "big" project with uCoz...

Everyone know communitys like Facebook, Twitter or Google+! So I thought I try competing with this BIG communitys and found the "Community-Box! smile It was a community project, which should address especially students and pupil! Well, I knew secretly I had no chance against this big websites, but like the motto "It's the taking part that counts!". And voila I had more than 50 users! For my first project not bad! I enjoyed this project very much although with less success but I earned much experience, which helped and still helps me with further projects.

Well, after two tiring years with many sleepless nights careing with websites I need a little break and used the time with learning css and PHP, which I can't use in uCoz yet...

After my "sabbatical" I started my next big project , of course with uCoz, and found profeeling, a PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) Fansite. I worked very hard on profeeling and it's ran now since 2011 and that very well! But it's wasn't easy to make profeeling so popular and famous like it is in the PES Community! At the begin the website wasn't known by anyone! But with my new knowledge, I exchanged my banner with other popular and well-visited websites, made advertisments in other PES forums and get more and more popular in the PES Community!

Now with few friends we found and run a new project: dailySoccer, which will release very soon! Now it's not only a fanpage about PES! It's a fansite about FIFA, PES and about other soccer topics! And we have already a community, which support us in our project! So I look optimistically into the future!:)

Well, life goes on! And new projects are coming! And maybe you hit new ideas soon! Even if you have with a project less success, new projects will follow, with perhaps more success! Keep going! Believe in you!
I think uCoz had sometimes one or the other problem, too! However, uCoz kept it up and made it better! And now, what happened to uCoz? Now it's the BEST website builder ever!!! smile

Well, congratulations to the 7th uCoz Birthday! Keep it up! I'm falling in love with you! biggrin <3

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