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My life in uCoz

I consider myself lucky when I have found out that a website host like uCoz exists about three years ago. I first saw it on some ads at Facebook; at that time I still don’t have a clue what CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) or even HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) means but what made me click the ads is my personal need of a website host for me and my friends. According to the ads, uCoz is a free website builder that is easy to use; so without hesitation I have clicked the ads and registered an account on it. After registering an account, I have embarked on a mission to create a website that our group can use; in mere seconds I have succeeded on what I was planning and created a fully functional website with forums, blogs, pictures and profiles for each and everyone of us. That’s how my life in uCoz began.

Choosing a template and adding the widgets that I need is as easy as eating a piece of cake! Neither my fatigue nor my stamina was consumed in creating our website. As time pass by we slowly needed some new features for our website, with that said I have tweaked a little on the CMS of my website. Doing those things made me realize that the service gives us the ability to edit all the things on my website including the color of the fonts via editing the CSS; thus making me realize that there are languages that I can use to communicate with the browser. Truth be told, I first learned using the CSS before the HTML. Hoping that I can learn the two languages, I have used Google to search it up and it gave me a proper tutorial; the basics of it wasn’t that hard to learn.

As I was trying to increase my knowledge I have stumbled on another website made on uCoz, namely uCause. It is a website that is created by animorph. In uCause I have learned a lot of things such as using the blog feature to create a friend feature which the CMS of uCoz doesn’t support up to now. Meeting animorph made me feel like I have been drawn to the community of uCoz more. Unfortunately, at those times I forgot to work on my first website leading it to its deletion; but that didn’t stop me from learning. Having a full grasp of my knowledge about CSS and HTML, I have earned the ability to create a website from scratch.The website builder, uCoz, doesn’t just support ready made templates but it also let the users create their own template. Thanks to that, at my last year of high school I decided to take up a degree on college about programming; in other words what I am now and what I will be in the near future is basically because of uCoz.

At college not only did I learn about the two languages that I have mentioned earlier but I have also learned things like PHP and other heavy website programming. At the first trimester of my college I have learned that there are people who are actively creating conversations at the uCoz forums. Here comes one of my friends online who is really good at using the service. If you visit the official forums of uCoz you might know him already, his name is Paradox and the things that I have learned from him maybe minimal but he is the reason why I am using some snippets of jQuery on my websites.

I was fascinated on how he use jQuery on his uCoz websites and gave me another epiphany; if you use uCoz properly there is an endless possibilities of what you can do. I’ve managed to create a social network once using the conditional operators and it went fairly well. What makes the service more awesome is their infinite bandwidth and the endless website storage! That feature pushes me to create a website that a lot of people will visit without me worrying about the bytes that I’m sending to them. I don’t usually compare products to each other but knowing all the things that I can do on uCoz makes me doubt that there’s no other service anymore that I would use because all the things that I need is already in it. Years have already passed and I’m still sticking to this service and as time goes on I am also being more attached to it. I am fully aware that uCoz is on its seventh year that’s why I’m happy for them. Goodbye other website hosts! uCoz will be with me for as long as possible.

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