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My start with Ucoz system

In the begining of 2007 i wanted to host my own website. I've seen beautiful websites on the internet and how people would add alot of interesting articles, games, and create their own communities, at the time i was only 15 i didnt have no knowledge about websites and how they work. So i dug around the internet trying to find way to create my own website and how to host it online. I remember i say an article about how people would create the design on photoshop and with use of some kind of code they would post it and thats how it hosted. So i follow the instructions that was in the article, i got my design but design was in one page (simple picture). Then article told me to put a code on my address bar so i did, they said to upload the picture and i did, but it turned out, nothing came out, then as i read the second part of the article. It told me to find a domain and host in order for my website to be active. Well, it was a fail. I dug around the internet again in order to find domain and hosts but back then there warent much free hosting nor doimains available. So my journey for search continued for more than 6 months, i tried all kinds of websites, like narod.ru, phbb forums, and many others but could never undertand their system and how to work it. Then one day as i was playing the game, some player mentioned his website and that website was gaming community, as i hung around in the community at the bottom one day i noticed a logo saying "Хостинг от Ucoz" so i clicked on the button. It rederected me into a main ucoz.ru website there as i was reading the description i could noy believe my eyes. It says that i could create my own website for free. I thought, "No, that must be a trick of some sort, they will make me pay!" but as i was registering i did not find any kind of evidence where they made me pay, in little as 3 min my website was done. I thought now i need a design, so i logged in thinking i have alot of work to do, but no, there it was; everything is already set up for me, the design, modules, the rules, i didnt had to do anything but to control and lay back and relax. As years start to past by i played around with HTML and CSS. Before i had no idea how to work it nor how to write them, i would use a try and error method. Now im so advanced that i can write it from the scratch and all thanks to Ucoz. Currently i still have my website running to the full potential. I use to have website with clan.su domain but now i have with vo.uz. Even after they shutdown registration of vo.uz domains but kept them alive for existing users, i am so glad and thankful for them not shutting me down since i worked so hard to make my site as perfect as possible. 'Til this day i get many people visiting me and communicating with me as i created a new community for my self. Thank you Ucoz. Keep up the good work.

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