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My Wonderful Experience with uCoz

Hello all,
I am Raghav Gupta. This is my first time writing something on the Internet (except updating my Facebook status :P) and I hope I get to win most or all of the awards(I'm serious :P).

I joined the uCoz community on 2nd of October while searching on the internet for endless hours about a "Free website builder".
After some hard work on the google and sheer dedication I stumbled uponuCoz.com and thought to myself- Maybe I should give it a try.

I started the work immediately on the website and I realized it was actually very fun to do it. Lacking even the basic knowledge of HTML ( ok I knew <br> and <p> tags only which proved to be quite helpful), I could create a professionally looking website with the help of uCoz modules. The interface is so understandable and easy to use. Some modules here and there, changing some options, devoting some time, making posts on the forum asking queries....I created a masterpiece(at least I thought so but I came to realize that even after one month it is not even near completion :P).

The uCoz community has been very supportive especially Sunny who has been answering each of my doubts without fail. When I am in any doubt and I need the answer quickly I use the search feature on the forums and to my surprise there are numerous threads relating to my query and there are many helpful suggestions/answers posted by the community. There are many guides on the forums for beginners, about the modules and site promotion which are very helpful.

uCoz has given me a platform where I can start a project independently without actually spending a single penny. Since I am a relatively new member here, I am not much familiar with the updates and the progress.
But I do know that uCoz has gone a long way in providing great web service to the people and has carved a niche for itself in the Internet world as it "no child's play" to make and run something like uCoz.

October 29 is a very special day for me as it is my birthday, especially this year as I turned 18 (In my country, it is basically the age of majority or adulthood, and we do get a driving license at this age too :D) . I am proud to share my birthday with uCoz.
I wish uCoz a great journey ahead in the future and if I am lucky, I will be there with the community for years to come.

Ps- I am thankful to google too as uCoz.com is truly a "Free website builder" and it just got me where I wanted to be.

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Good one.


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