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My Jouney Of Making A Website, uCoz

Hello uCoz,

Today as uCoz is celebrating 7 years of its being, I will write about my small and wonderful experience with uCoz. About 2 years ago I was a web surfer searching for a completely free and easy-to-use and manage website building system. There were many in the industry of hosting and website creation, first of all I tried webstarts.com but after I used it for 2 months I got sick of its old templates. And It had only some pages it was not applicable for making a Hi-Fi website. I stopped working on it.

I then searched on Google for "Make A Free Website" and I tried many other services, from page.tl to webnode, from 3owl to 1freehosting. But as I was new I was unable to navigate through their CPanel and I could not just understand from where to start, and make up a website. In easy words they were difficult for me.

Half-A-Year ago I searched for making a website with Online Games module supported, and I came across uCoz through a website made in ucoz system. I saw many websites were made on the system and they were very cool. I also made my own account on uCoz and built a website. When I explored throughout control panel, I found it very easy to use. I completely did not knew what was HTML or what was CSS. Even then It did not took much time for me to learn how to the system to build a website that can touch the heights of Web. When I had some problem, I shared it in ucoz community and got answer.

When I started to develop my website, I realized that there were many more features in it from that I thought. From 3D Tag Cloud to MP3 Songs Player. uCoz has a lot of modules, which a person can use according to his/her wish. I Soon began to get reputed from my class fellows on my creation and made improvements in my website, when I mistakenly corrupted the design. I asked in uCoz support and I found my problem solved. Now my website is nearly aged 6 months.

Unlike many other website builders in the industry, There are more than 600 ready templates (and they are free!) for websites. There are my most favorite modules in uCoz such as Online Games Module, Users Module, Site Search, and 18 other modules. The thing I like most in this site builder service is that the ads and powered-by banners of uCoz are at fixed positions and are not like those of other service (Those cruel pop-ups). Now the present day I am having a fully-functional website. I hope that uCoz will be running till the end. I Love You uCoz. In My Opinion "uCoz" is the best system for newbies in making their website. And there are no alternatives to, or competitive of uCoz in making a friendly environment and set-up of making websites.

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