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My UCOZ story

It was one of "those" days,when you don't want to get out of the house. The rain, which was falling down hard, pounding on windows, made me stay behind the closed doors. What to do then? As usually, I was surfing the net.Somehow, after a number of years spent in browsing, chating and all kinds of things, suddenly I had nothing more new to see. 'Deja vu'. Decided to watch a movie, just to get some fun out of it, so I found a page which was made with UCOZ.I liked the page immediately,so I continued to log in every day. As a everyday user, after a while I got to know all admins on that page. So in time, you can say, we became friends and I get to have an editor status on that site. This position as an editor I consider as my first encounter with UCOZ.

A month, maybe two, I worked on that site,but wanted more. Much more. I began to think about creating something mine. My site, for which I got the idea when I was working on the first one,i I mentioned before. It was not just an idea,it was a wish to learn more. I have to mention, I had no prior experience with web design, HTML and CSS. All that was a mistery to me. I gathered courage and went forward with realisation of my ideas and plans. In the beginning, i felt like a child trying to learn to walk.Unsecure, little frightened, I was making my first steps.Control Panel seemed complicated at that time to me, hard, and considering my inexperience and lack of knowledge with the material, I felt frustrated. I was giving up,then coming back and giving up again.My idea, for making my own web site I shared with my high-school friend, who takes my offer willingly and joins me in making my idea real. Then begins our love towards UCOZ which lasts a little more then a year.Working with him, I got a great support and a whole lot of new ideas.Work on our web site was very hard and difficult for two guys with no experience. However, I mastered the basics of HTML and CSS very fast, and all thanks to UCOZ, the site was becoming more trendly by each day. As I , while learning, discovered many possibilities that UCOZ gives to their young users, more and with more value i learned. My friend, which joined me, took a great ebol in working and site development. The sole making of the site was taking from 2-3 months.
After that, our two man team gets joined by a few more young people, who all have big credit in making our web site one of the most visited UCOZ-system sites toda. We made a lot of new friendships, and today our web site team is made out of young people from 5 different countries.We all come from different cultures, different backgrounds and all that doesn't stop us functioning as one. Many thans to UCOZ for that,cause friendsips we made, beside the web site which we all love so much, and put our all knowledge, hard work and free time into,our team, for what it is, is our greatest success.There were many sleepless nights, a lot of hard labour and patience. Small number of visits in the beginning didn't stop us to carry on in giving the maximum,as if we knew our hard work will be worthwhile.All of this gets forgotten when we look today at the result of our efforts. I am really proud of our team, proud of perseverance, firmness which we had a lot of. Proud of our web site. Most proud I am of our little, coordinated team.In the end, one advice for all those who want to try themselves in creating their own web site...

Never give up, however hard it seems, however hopeless in the beginning. With hard work and all the help that UCOZ provides, your results will show sooner or later.Let my story be your advice for success. Once more,thank UCOZ for all. I learned a lot with your help and I am trying to expand my knowledge further more and you stay as good as you are. I hope we will cooperate even more in the future as well as now in next 100 years smile


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nice story[i] hands hands thumb

Tnx smile Thank you all for your support once again smile

This is a really beautiful story I've read long time ago. It's one of my favorites. hands hands respect
munja smile

Thank you very much, we are pleased smile

A beautiful story kiss
Keep it up...
Much success in your future work kiss

Thanks SEXY smile Thank you very much for your well wishes smile

adorable story...:) I like it...:)... xmas

Verry good guys smile

Me like it ! Keep it commin smile Good job.

Thanks smile

Its very nice story hands heart

Nice!!!! wink

I love this story!!!! heart

thanks maiya smile

I like the story ALOT happy biggrin cool

thanks smile

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