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7 Years with uCoz!
1:55 PM
It seems that a young web service uCoz was launched not so long ago, and today we want to announce our newest contest, dedicated to the Company's 7th Anniversary. The contest "7 Years with uCoz!" will last for a month so that both new and old uCoz users had time to participate! This time limit is even enough to submit several works! :)

General Information
"What is the Contest About?"

The rules are very simple - uCoz users are invited to write articles/essays on the subject "My Experience with uCoz!" Since uCoz turned seven on October 29, we've decided to name the contest "7 Years with uCoz!".

The Main Question
"What May You Write About?"

You may tell about your experience as a webmaster, or about the way of your website since its creation to the present day. Share your thoughts of what uCoz means to you, how you observed the system, its updates, growth of the community and partner projects. Of course it’s not the full list of what you may write about, but it will help you choose a subject for your contest work.

Submission Rules
"How to Participate in the Contest"

To take part in the contest, you need to:

  • write an article/essay on the subject "7 Years with uCoz!";
  • post it on your website or blog (optional);
  • submit your work for the contest;
  • invite your friends to vote (voting for the People’s Choice Award is done though “Like” buttons of social networks);
  • follow the contest news and wait for the results!

  • Note: a contest work should be written correctly and without mistakes. Your story may be interesting but it will produce a poor impression if written with mistakes, and it will be a shame not to get a prize because of poor grammar or lack of attention.

    Tip: nice layout and images in the text improve the perception and raise the chances of winning.

    What? Where? When?
    "Contest Stages"

    The contest will have 3 stages:

  • 1 stage: submission of works (30 October - 27 November);
  • 2 stage (parallel): voting for the People’s Choice Award (October 30 - December 17);
  • 3 stage: summing up and prize giving (December 21-25).

  • Note: each participant will have 20 days to get votes for his/her article. The countdown will be separate for each participant: from the moment of the article approval and for the period of 20 days (then the voting for this article will be closed). Please note that the winner of the "People’s Choice” nomination will be determined according to the number of votes and comments.

    Prizes and Nominations

    The Best Story in the Opinion of the Jury (1st Place)!

    Winner: the author of the most interesting story about his/her experience with uCoz.

    The Best Story in the Opinion of the Jury (2nd Place)

    Winner: the author of an interesting story about his/her experience with uCoz.

    The Best Story in the Opinion of the Jury (3rd Place)

    Winner: the author of an interesting story about his/her experience with uCoz.

    People’s Choice!

    Winners: 3 authors whose articles will get more “Likes” during the voting period.

    Best Blogger!

    Winner: a blogger who posted the story on his/her blog, created with uCoz.

    Best Blogger (external publication)!

    Winner: a blogger who posted the story on a blog service (like tumblr.com and other similar services).

    Many Years with uCoz!

    Winner: a regular uCoz user with an interesting story about his/her experience with uCoz.

    Most Eye-catching Story!

    Winner: the author of the most beautifully decorated story (layout + pictures)

    Recent Acquaintance with the System!

    Winner: the author with the youngest website in the contest, a ucoz newbie.

    Additional Prizes

    Winners: authors of other interesting articles beyond the above nominations.

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    Total comments: 371 2 »
    37 tibor82  

    36 devenz  
    Let's just be patient and wait. Cheers!

    35 Acid  
    So, was the prize giving part of "21 to 25" wrong?
    Or is it just that the results will be posted in a few days?

    34 YamiTatsuro  
    Few days? Aaaaaw. I hope it's not next year. :O

    33 Muşatinu  
    25 dec

    merry christmas

    32 devenz  
    Waiting for the results. Haha.

    30 devenz  
    Hi. If edit my entry will the recommendations be back to zero?

    31 Sunny  
    No. The entry will become inactive, but it will be activated again.

    27 Sunny  
    Dear participants! Don't forget to ask your friends to comment and tweet your stories for the "People's Choice" award!

    28 Админ  
    My story inactive. Why? cry

    29 Sunny  
    Your story wan't activated due to the language. Unfortunately your English isn't good enough.

    25 khen  
    Please give us 3 days extension. I haven't completed yet my article due to emergency reasons. I'm also having difficulty in extensive research. But I'm sure with my research, uCoz deserves to be the best among all website builders out there.

    26 Sunny  
    Yes, you can have 3 more days. We have the voting process now, so just remember that the later you submit your story, the less time you will have for voting.

    23 anschutz  

    1-10 11-18
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