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Our contest for Best uID.me Profile has come to its completion and today we are finally glad to announce the winners! We are sorry for the delay, and promise to take this experience into account in our future contests.

First of all we would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. There were 99 contest profiles in the contest gallery, each of them unique and interesting in its own way, and today we will award the best of them! See more details...

Contest results

Today we are glad to announce the results of the contest "7 Yers with uCoz!" that started on October 29 and was devoted to uCoz's 7th Anniversary!

The contest had been held for 2 months, so our participants had enough time to tell us their stories and to get people's votes and comments. And we should say that each story is interesting and unique. Of course our users had different experience with uCoz but many of them noted that uCoz helped them find new friends and even determined their future occupation. It was difficult to choose the winners but here are they. See the winners...

The "uCoz video tutorials" contest has finished. All the participants were able to demonstrate their skills in creating video tutorials for the system users in this contest.

About 350 video tutorials were added to the contest all in all. It was not an easy task to select the best. But we honestly looked through all the projects and we are ready to announce the results.

Click to see the results

The graphic contest from uCoz has been finished. We mean "uNet gifts contest" which was held for Russian and English speaking users at the same time. Thank you all for participating. We are glad to announce the names of the winners.

Click to see the results

Today the submission of applications for the Best uCoz Website Contest has been stopped. We wish our users to develop their websites to the maximum during the next three weeks!

 Thereafter the jury will start their work and will select the most deserving participants as the winners. Don't forget to take part in the user voting in the nomination "People's Choice” which will start in three weeks as well.