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The results of the contest "7 Years with uCoz!"
6:38 PM
Contest results

Today we are glad to announce the results of the contest "7 Yers with uCoz!" that started on October 29 and was devoted to uCoz's 7th Anniversary!

The contest had been held for 2 months, so our participants had enough time to tell us their stories and to get people's votes and comments. And we should say that each story is interesting and unique. Of course our users had different experience with uCoz but many of them noted that uCoz helped them find new friends and even determined their future occupation. It was difficult to choose the winners but here are they.

The Winners of the Contest

1 Place in the Opinion of the Jury

Author: Davor

2 Place in the Opinion of the Jury

Author: Acid

3 Place in the Opinion of the Jury

Author: YamiTatsuro

Most Eye-Catching Story (Best Layout)

Author: khen

Many Years with uCoz

Author: Acid

Recent Acquaintance with the System

Author: Doomcaster

People's Choice

Author: sushe

Additional prizes

Best Poet

Author: Helgame

Creative Video

Author: devenz

Congratulations to all winners and even more success with their future stories! All the winners will get private messages on the contest website with the instruction on how to get the prizes.

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Total comments: 12
12 khen  
Did some winners receive their Premium Package for 1 Year? I didn't receive mine yet.

11 Sunny  
Sorry for the delay (it was due to the holidays). All PMs have been sent smile

9 YamiTatsuro  
Where's my instruction? @.@

7 sushe  
Davor congratulations, well deserved victory ... And thanks for the award uCoz smile Just one question: how am I going to take my prize? smile

8 YamiTatsuro  
I was also wondering about that. How long will we wait till we get the instructions? :O

10 khen  
maybe the instructions will be sent next year. They're busy planning for the new year. Be patient guys. Happy holidays. cool

6 devenz  
Yey! Congratulations to all who won.

4 khen  
congrats to all winners! Advance Happy New Year everyone!

2 Davor  
OMG i can't believe i won blink

thank you uCoz respect

3 YamiTatsuro  
Man. You're good. lol. I accept defeat. xD CONGRATULATIONS! biggrin

5 Davor  
tnx happy

1 YamiTatsuro  
:O I won? I WON! lol

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