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The winners of the uNet Gifts Contest
5:08 PM
The main winner of the contest
LadyDIZ and her project - Dog

The winner gets a graphics tablet Wacom Intuos4 Medium

The winners in the nominations:

The best gift

The following authors are awarded:

Ekimma - 50$ + Service package/domain
tanlunpd - 50$ + Service package/domain
UnderShot - 50$ + Service package/domain

The best collection of gifts

Winner - VitalOK and his collection Me is the best gift
The prizes: 100$ + Service package/domain

The best animated gift

The following authors are awarded:

matrix777 - 100$ + Service package/domain
Edeisys - 100$ + Service package/domain

The most original gift

The author Ekimma gets 50$ + Service package/domain

People's Choice award

The author GES gets 50$ + Service package/domain

Administration will contact all the winners within a week to discuss the details of receiving prizes.

Once again, thank you everyone for participating. If your project hasn't won in any of the nominations, it is ok. We expect new contest to start any day now.
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Total comments: 13
9 Futuresky-CHOI  
I have another issue why our drawings do not seem clear, though we put it clear.
I did not understand this?
Another thing is the graphics in the first place look a picture (dog)
its not drawing.

4 Futuresky-CHOI  
But you had to show me that these posts in order to try to break it.
This type of cheat, you had to show me their entries.
I think that retire to participate,
Because it does not benefit from that I share my opponent did not see post.

5 pinkdawn  
I dont want to discuss what standards for a gift to be won but it was unfair that we all here ( who dont speak russian) were not shared all the info about contest , entries and other participants from russia. It made our entries here resemble an only extension for your contest.

6 Olsiva  
Why do you think it's unfair? Both contests was identical (rules and conditions). Just two different sites in different languages. You might make better projects and it's not our fault that projects by englishspeakers users was not good enough for us (for uNet I mean).

Our next contest will be the same. We have russian and non-russian users and we make just 1 contest in 2 sites. Can you suggest more fair scheme for this? I'm looking forward to hear your suggestions.

7 pinkdawn  
You must have noticed all of us ( english speakers and russian speakers) about the contest that is held on two sites ( with different languages) and with links to go. For a contest that has the same rules and common prizes i think all the users who join it have right to know all about it including all participants and how it goes. As i said i have no idea about qualilty of the winning entries maybe your team own opinions) but you cant hide some informations during process and then show us english speakers a strange list of winners that we never seen before then still said it's fair! Problem is not about the prizes but clarification.

8 Olsiva  
pinkdawn, I don't agree with you, but on the next contest we will let all the people know that there IS a russian contest with the same rules and conditions (with the link).

Thank you for telling us your point of view.

10 Cheburator  
It would be a big sh*t, if the contest will be mixed again with the russian contest. So then we doesn't need to take part on the contest, because someone from the russian contest will win again and we doesn't have a chance to win.

11 Olsiva  
Don't say that. All users had chance to win.

For us it's no matter are you russian or english speaker. We just want to get a qualitive projects for the contest.

In this contest there was just 2 authors who add projects on the contest. In russian one it was much more. So who had more chance to win? Think about it. smile

3 youssefpsp  
I Didn't Win, And Also These Gifts Are Fake, Because I Didn't See Any Image Of These In The "See And Rate Projects" sad
And The Are Not Created By Users, They Are Downloaded, I Didn't See Any Gift Of Those When I Was Rating, Also I Have Uploaded A SWF Gifts, It Was Only Me And Another " I Love Ucoz " Gift, There Were Only Two Animated Gifts One Of Them Was Created By Me, How Do I Can't Win, That's Not Fair sad

12 Olsiva  
youssefpsp, please read other comments. Those works was from russian users taking part in the same contest. Unfortunately, our english speaking users was not so active (just 3 of them took part in the contest and their projects was not so good).

Sorry for misunderstanding.

13 youssefpsp  
Ok I Hope I Can Win In The Video Tutorial Contest

1 Futuresky-CHOI  
We did not see these participants in the display list?
How do these appear in the list of participants!!!?

2 Olsiva  
"We mean "uNet gifts contest”which was held for Russian and English speaking users at the same time."

You can see all participants here smile

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