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Contest for Best uID.me profile
6:17 PM

On December 5 we announced the release of the new uID.me profiles. We've decided to mark the launch with a new contest, and today we are glad to announce it - the contest for Best uID.me Profiles!
Anyone can participate in the contest: from site administrators to ordinary users. And you don't need to have any special skills!

To become a participant, follow three simple steps:

1. Sign up to http://uid.me/ ;

2. Customize your profile: add the info about yourself and connect social networks;

3. Apply for the contest at http://win.uid.me/ .


I. Best uID.me Page

Winners will be selected based on subjective ideas of the jury about beauty and quality. A page must not only be beautiful, but also meaningful, it must have some practical sense. A well-designed page, created without any clear purpose, won't be able to get a prize in this category.

II. Users Choice Award

Pages that will get the maximum number of votes via social buttons during the voting period will win this nomination. No cheating! All cheating attempts will be suppressed.

III. Most Popular Page

This is a very objective nomination. Here the page that gets the greatest number of visits during the contest period will win. We'll make sure the visitors are real people and not bots.

In the main category of this nomination the prize will go to the page with the maximum traffic for the whole period of its existence. Therefore, the earlier you create a page, the more chances you have. Another prize will be given to the page that will have the maximum average daily traffic for the period from January 17 till January 24.

Besides, this nomination has two subcategories:
  • the page with the maximum traffic from social media;
  • the page with the maximum traffic from search engines.

We don't know how an ordinary page can get high search engine traffic (if you are not a celebrity), but maybe you are famous and your name is a top search result in Google. Or maybe you have a namesake among famous people smile Then you have good chances!
Another incredible peculiarity of this category is that a person can win the prize knowing nothing about the contest! Though, of course, it's a doubtful option and we believe that only those who aspire will win.

IV. Most Creative Page

That's where you should unleash your imagination! Applicability of such work might be questionable, but the most creative page will definitely be awarded with a separate prize.

V. Best Business Page

Though uID was mainly intended for the creation of personal pages, if you are a lawyer or a piano tuner, why not use your page as the main online presentation of yourself and your services?

Such business pages are given a separate contest category and a separate prize.

VI. Quick Start

Another nomination is for those who are able to achieve results quickly. We'll select the best profile among those sent within 5 days after the contest starts. Don't delay the submission of your work till the last day smile

Note: Speed definitely matters in this nomination but don't forget about quality. If the works, sent during the first 5 days, aren't good enough, we might not get a winner in this category.

Attention! At the moment of entering the contest a screenshot of your page will be made. This very appearance of your profile will participate in the contest. All further changes and modifications won't be taken into account!

To apply for the contest, go to http://win.uid.me/.

Dates of the Contest

When deciding on the dates, we considered two facts:
  • the project has just been launched, and some of you may come across bugs when creating a super cool profile;
  • Christmas and New Year holidays are ahead, and they may also cause some delay.

Therefore, we are accepting applications till January 17, 2014. The 17th of January is the last day when you can submit your contest work. But don't forget about our "Quick Start" nomination - you have only 5 days to submit a page to this category!
On January 18 we will publish the list of submitted contest works.
From January 18 till January 26 we'll have:
  • voting for Users Choice Award;
  • selection and distribution of the prizes by the contest jury.

And on January 28 we will present the final results.

We wish you luck in the contest!
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Thankyou , nice contest  ;p

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