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uNet gifts contest
3:37 PM
The contest is over. The results will be announced on April, 7

It is well-known that our nearest plans include uNet full launch. Social connections between the users are going to be implemented there. But what kind of communication is that, if there are no gifts, presents and other stuff to express your emotions. I mean small graphic images, which can be exchanged among users (example).

We would like our presents to be the most beautiful and original. That is why we suggest all of you to become a part of gifts-creation process within this contest. This is a contest for those who can and love painting. The purpose of it is to paint an original gift for the upcoming uNet project.

Participating in the contest will not only bring you nice gifts. Your portfolio will be enriched as well.

Contest terms and conditions

We accept images (painted by you) in the PNG format (size 256х256px). They shouldn't be more than 200Kb. The background should be transparent. Or we can accept flash-animation on one of the suggested themes:

Gifts themes







Cute things


The best gift

The best image will win in this nomination. Everything will be taken into consideration: the idea and the implementation. The author of the best image will get the main prizes.

The best collection of gifts

If you feel that you have an inspiration to paint several gifts, gather them into the collection and send them to participate in this very nomination. What are the advantages of the collection? Read about it in the section prizes.

The best animated gift

The projects in .swf format are accepted into this nomination. (animated flash gifts)

Besides, each project will participate in such nominations as:

The most original gift

Select the theme you like. Then create the most unusual and original gift.

People's Choice award

The number of users' votes at the page of the project will be taken into consideration.


The author of the best project will receive a graphics tablet Wacom Intuos4 Medium (or its money equivalent) + the money reward for the best project in the nomination (see below).

Prizes for the winners of the nominations:

The best gift
Three 50$ prizes + Service package/domain*

The best collection of gifts
One 100$ prize + Service package/domain*

The best animated gift
Two 100$ prizes + Service package/domain*

The most original gift
One 50$ prize + Service package/domain*

People's Choice award
One 50$ prize + Service package/domain*

* Service package/domain - at your choice: paid service package "Basic" for 6 mounths or domain for your site.

* The money will be added to you WebMoney account or to the PayPal account

Besides, all the authors, whose works didn't win in any nomination, but would be used in the uNet project in future would receive royalty for each of the painted images (50$ for each image and 100$ for each animation).

Adding the project

You can add your project here.

Instructions on adding:
  • At the page of adding the project it is obligatory to specify nomination, name, selected theme, and the image file.
  • If the gift is animated, indicate the static preview anyway (256х256px; format:png, jpg). Indicate the path to the swf-file in the field “URL of the flash-gift”.
  • If you add the collection, make a preview of one gift (256х256px; format:png). Indicate the path to the collection in the field “URL of the gifts collection”.(format: zip,rar).

The number of projects from one participant is not limited. (if the images are of the same style, do not forget to gather them in collections)

We accept your projects till April, 1, 2011

The sources of the projects (images with the transparent background) will be seen only by the administration. The users of the website will be able to see and evaluate thumbnail previews (they are created automatically). It guaranties that your projects will not be spread on the web before the contest is over.

Projects verification

The preliminary results of the contest will be announced within several days after the contest is over. The winners will be contacted by the contest administration with the request to provide the images source (in the vector format or .psd)

The winners will be announced officially after it. Then they will receive prizes for winning and participating.

Remember, all the image elements should be painted by the author. Copying graphic elements of others is strictly forbidden. It will be examined thoroughly by the evaluation committee.

Good luck and inspiration to all the participants
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31 المدير  
hello every one

29 pinkdawn  
For example, if i add a collection with 5 gifts, i have to add 5 photo previews with the same path indicated in the field “URL of the gifts collection”?

30 Olsiva  
Please read carefuly the contest terms and conditions:

"If you add the collection, make a preview of one gift (256х256px; format:png). Indicate the link to the collection in the field “URL of the gifts collection”.(format: zip,rar).

27 pinkdawn  
it's caused, i meant smile

26 pinkdawn  
i've found my photos uploaded here blurrer and the colors are not as fresh as originals . It causes from resizing?

28 Olsiva  
Yes it is.

24 Admin9022  

19 pinkdawn  
Thank you for this great contest :). I have one question : what is number of gifs that a collection must have? there are a certain number: 5, 10, 15 or even 2 or 3?

21 Olsiva  
More than one is already a collection smile

25 pinkdawn  
Thank you for the info happy biggrin

16 Deepthehacker  
Olsiva , how much time to declare the result ??? smile

17 Olsiva  
It will take a while. Few days perhaps. It's not depends on us, we'll need to get source files from the winners before the winners will be announced officially.

18 Deepthehacker  
APPROX HOW MUCH ???? cry cry cry

20 Olsiva  
Nobody can say it.

22 Deepthehacker  
Olsiva,, okkk thanks for replying cry cry cry cry

23 Olsiva  
You're always welcome smile

15 hassan170  
hallow evry bady

13 Deepthehacker  
how much time it will take toooo pre-moderate smile smile smile smile wacko wacko wacko wacko

14 Olsiva  
Just calm down. Your works are already deleted smile

Please read the contest terms and conditions.

12 EMunch  
I can not explain why that was not the image you uploaded?
If you have not been adopted, we would expect that you can justify it.
Thank you.

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