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uCoz video tutorials contest
10:07 PM
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A new contest dedicated to creation of video tutorials about the system starts. What do you need to participate in the contest? All you have to do is to create your own video tutorial about uCoz (you can come up with the topic yourself or select the suggested one).

By the way, we have a brilliant manual on creation of video tutorials. If you follow the instructions, you will become a contest participant without any extra efforts and you will have high chances to become a contest winner. The awards are really worthy. But first of all, let's speak about nominations:


The best uCoz web-services overview video

This video tutorial should be dedicated to uCoz web-services in general (great example is Creating a website within 10 minutes). To make the choosing process easier, you may select one of the topics for this nomination.

The best uCoz feature expose video tutorial

Such a tutorial should be about using a particular system feature (e.g. “Adding items in E-shop module”). Select one of the topics for this nomination or come up with your own.

The best video tutorial in a foreign language

If you are good at any of the foreign languages, try to create a video tutorial for foreign system users. Russian-speaking participants can take part in the similar contest, for Russian-speaking users. In this way you increase your chances for the victory.

All the participating video tutorials will be evaluated in such nominations as:

The best voice narration

In this nomination video tutorials are evaluated by means of hearing and not watching. Voice, music, sound effects will be taken into consideration.

The best idea

The most important here is to come up with the most urgent and interesting topic , for a video tutorial. The video script should be thought through too. The way the idea was brought to life is not that important.

The best video effects

Applying video effects to your video will attract more users to viewing your tutorial for sure. The main point is that the effects are appropriate and they do not steal the focus from the main idea of the tutorial.

Top views

Promotion of a video tutorial is really important. You need to attract as many users as possible. Post your video tutorial at sites and on forums (especially in the place where it is useful) and observe the number of views increase. The number of comments will be of a big importance as well. The author of the most commented video tutorial on youtube will be awarded without any doubts.


Each participant, whose project is accepted, will receive a bonus of a “Basic” package of services for 1 month (read more)

A winner of the nomination
The best uCoz web-services overview video

  • A video camera
  • “Basic” package of services for 1 year
  • Nationwide glory: winning video will appear at all the official uCoz web pages (facebook, twitter, youtube).

A winner of the nominations
The best uCoz feature expose video tutorial
The best video tutorial in a foreign language


  • 100 WMZ (or 100$ added to the account of the website owner)
  • “Basic” package of services for 1 year
  • uCoz souvenirs from our shop our shop at your choice (the delivery rate is included)

A winner of the nominations
The best idea
The best voice narration
The best video effects
Top views


  • “Basic” package of services for half a year
  • uCoz souvenirs from our shop our shop at your choice (the delivery rate is included)

Contest terms and conditions

  • We accept projects till May, 23, 2011
  • The number of projects from one participant is not limited.

  • The projects will not be allowed to participate in the contest, if:
    • the video tutorial duration is less than 7 seconds (without intro and outro length etc).
    • 'ucoz' tag is missing in the video uploaded to youtube
    • the video tutorial topic is not uCoz related
    • the third-party logos or website advertisement is present in the video
    • the video is of poor quality (it is impossible to decipher the text, the images etc)
    • any kind of plagiarism is noticed (music, splash screen, the video itself)

  • We recommend you follow the instructions of our manual to avoid mistakes of novice screencasters and to become as close to the victory as possible.
  • You can come up with the topic of the video tutorial yourself or select the suggested one.

    Adding the projects

    When adding the video to the website, provide a link to your tutorial (YouTube.com only), your name and the website (not mandatory)

    After adding we will check your project. Then it will become available in the general list of videos. You will be able to comment on the videos of other participants and follow the contest.

    Notice: The contest is for Russian and English-speaking system users at the same time. You can have a look at the projects of Russian-speaking users here.

    Good luck and be inspired!

    [ See and rate video tutorials ]
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    amateurs blahblah dry

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    we should participate in all contest smile when result gonging to announced !!!????

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    * Do not forget to indicate your website address in the field “Author's website”. The services will be activated for this website by default.
    * The package will be activated within a week after the results are announced and the contest is over.
    * One participant can not get more than 1 package of services. If the fact of multiple accounts is revealed, all the projects of such a participant will be eliminated.

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    You are awesome , but Evil... tongue

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