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My Experience with uCoz!

It has been 4 years since I registered for a uCoz account. I was in the first year college then, taking up computer science. The main reason why I registered is to have our own class discussion forums, since we are computer science students, it just so happen that we are always online and to maximize our time, I created this website. Through this, my course mates are able to download IDEs for our programming subjects, we also get to discuss things related to our subjects here. It was indeed very helpful for us.

During the first few weeks of the website, we had but few users then it went a hundred. My classmates volunteered to be forum moderators as users continue to increase and I cannot manage forum alone. At that time, I was very eager to continue my website administration using uCoz. Things are just getting better and better as time goes by. At first I was amazed by the services that uCoz has to offer. I can still remember their tagline then: "uCoz us to be better".

Truly, uCoz has been better since that day. They were able to cope with the emerging technologies today. They are still striving to give their community of web masters the best they can offer. Last August 04, we celebrated our fourth anniversary in uCoz.

Today, I am now a web developer. I'm still maintaining our website and continue to promote it to new students in our computer science department. This website will be very helpful in their education.

Being a uCoz website publisher is very rewarding, with the help from the uCoz team and the community, you will surely get your web site starting. Kudos! uCoz! You truly are better now!

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7 devenz  
Hey, thanks.

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6 charlie  
Yeah, I remember ucoz's tagline then. You remember it well too.

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8 devenz  
Who wouldn't?

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3 devenz  
Thanks guys!

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2 shield  
Wow! I never thought that someone would last to uCoz that long. Nice.

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4 Acid  
Well, I have lasted for almost 7 years, and because of uCoz I am now a professional designer and have my own studio.

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5 devenz  
Wow! You've been using uCoz for 7 years? That's nice.

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1 tinacute  
Whatta story! I'm amazed on your story dude! smile
Hope you continue what you've started. Maybe that's your dream to be the Internet Superhero in the future. biggrin

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9 devenz  

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