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My experience with uCoz

How it all started? I could say that my experience with uCoz differs, more or less, from most people. First time I came accross uCoz platform I was not even a web designer and I held no interest in web design whatsoever. What particularly attracted my attention was a web site which I came accross done in uCoz. I was fascinated by its design and particularly attracted to the possibilities offered by such a design. I became a regular user of the site, and eventually I became a part of the team. I advanced to the Administrator position that allowed me to have a greater insight into how the site works. I started to get interested in how the site works and what is the main driving force in the whole story about websites.

Two years ago, I registered to uNet and registered my first website in uCoz. I was not happy, the website was bad, or rather, it was a disaster. Ordinary custom template was not as I had imagined it (like every beginner, I wanted it to be perfect right away, to be like the one that has attracted my attention initially and made me enter this bussiness environment), lack of knowledge (HTML, CSS, JS etc.) prevented me to do it better, more concrete.

As usual, more experienced, more professional designers had no desire to accept a job with a rookie, believing that it will not turn out well. However, I was not discouraged, I was determined and did not want to give up. I began reading tutorials on uCoz forum, started investigating and gathering information on google, I began to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and in time even CSS and JS. Hours have passed, days, even months, I have worked, studied, every new day meant progress in the right direction, each step forward, each step closer to the goal. After hours and hours in front of computers, one could see the results of my labour, the site began to take on its first advanced look. I knew it was not the end, that I wished to learn more, to explore, to improve, and but a glimpse of prosperity was enough of a motivator for me not to give up, to continue to dedicate myself to improving the site.
I soon encountered unexpected help from the founder of the aforementioned site where I first came accross uCoz, whose aid and support helped me to make another step forward and perfect myself.

Today, after two years of operation, two successful projects, several smaller projects, it is safe to say that I became very well acquainted with uCoz system, my knowledge of programming languages ​​and coding progressed in comparison to the knowledge I had when I started working. I am aware that I have a lot to overcome, to learn more, but I am also aware that I have the will and desire to improve.

I could write a lot more about uCoz, but I would like to point out a couple of important things that I have experienced in cooperation with the uCoz team: Excellent support and friendly staff that is always ready to help, complete freedom in adapting template, premium CP which facilitates easy usage as well as maintenance and creation of the site itself. uCoz team is also constantly working on improvements and initiation of novelties, which makes it even better.

I recommend uCoz to everyone and what I can say from personal experience, and would particularly point out for it to be an advice to many, do not give up, no matter how hard it seems, keep trying, stay determined. It is enough to make use of the will to learn and progress and results will be guaranteed. It all takes time. None of us are born educated, and good quality results take time. As the successes become more often, the will shall continue to grow and in time the road to advancement will become easier.
One more thing I would like to add, is that I'm not sorry that I have spent so much time and effort because it paid off. I have improved and now possess the knowledge, experience, and an even greater desire for advancement.

Before I conclude there is another fact that needs to be mentioned. Do you remember my first web site at the beginning? The one which I labeled as a disaster? Today it is one of the largest and most visited uCoz platform web sites (and without false modesty I can say that it is among the best).

In the end I want to thank uCoz and their fantastic team for everything they have given me so far. I hope we still have a long and successful cooperation ahead of us.

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8 Bole_1  

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7 reyban  
well done !! keep up with a amasing work .. hands

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6 ljutiposkok  
[2:23:13 PM] Davor: I like the story
Keep it up...
Much success in your future work smile

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5 djawolica87  
it is interesting, i think many can recognize themselves in this... hands hands

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4 nessko  
well done Davor

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3 Roobie  
Peofesionalno uradjeno smile smile
smile smile smile smile smile smile

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1 Impi  
well done hands hands hands

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2 Davor  
tnx happy

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