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Ucoz experience

I had started using uCoz four years ago. Then I see a uCoz site made by my friend I was very jealous . In autumn 2008 I started using uCoz for the first time. I created a site with games very poor . In time I perfected my site and I created another sites.
I think the uCoz platform is the best platform at this moment. You can change the HTML code with visual editor or you can write .
The uCoz platform is very simple to use , I learn to use it very fast .
Now I am busy with school and I can't develop my site.
Some people do it for money . They collect money from advertising programs , from visits etc. , NO I do it for myself , for enterteiment.
I see uCoz a recreation mode , I never had collected money with uCoz .
I recommand uCoz you can learn a programing language who help you in your actual or next job.
Sorry for my ortographic errors , I am not a english man ,my natal language is Romanian
by S.M.D. Romania , Gorj

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