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uCoz Makes Weihome Gakuen Shining

In April 2011, I made a concept to create a Japanese language school for students of Indonesia. In a sunny Sunday morning, I discussed the concept with my friend. And he said, "Yeah, that's good idea". So, I started to make 3 articles first.

In October 2011, the concept done and I started searching some web hosting. I didn't want to pay for a hosting because I was just a beginner. I just want to learned how to make a website first, so I searched a FREE web hosting. I found some, and one of them is uCoz. I tried one by one. In the end, I chose ucoz because it has comprehensive features and cool design. Then, the Weihome Gakuen was born. I launched officially at November 1st, 2011.

I worked hard over the past few months. Make some high quality articles, and compete with other online Japanese schools. Even some rivals are using the domain on .com, I'm not going to lose to them. I'm using domain .moy.su (belajarnihongo.moy.su), with this domain name, they should not underestimate me, because I'm ready to go into the battle field.

When visitors come from everywhere

Like the rain, visitors came and liked what I wrote. They began to join the facebook group I created, they also started recommending my site to their friends. When this article was created, the home page has been recommended more than 2000 times. Readers subscriptions has reached more than 500 people on facebook. And every day, the majority of new visitors coming from Google.

Google likes .moy.su

Google has acknowledged the name of Weihome Gakuen. I check it on Google Keyword Tool.

And about competition, I'm using niche "belajar bahasa Jepang online" on Indonesian market (google.co.id)


The first sponsor comes
And the next miracle is I got the first sponsor from Japan. He gave me money just to made a simple sentence that advertises his website.

Waiting the next miracles

I still do not know what kind of miracles will come next. I'm sure there are many surprises waiting for Weihome Gakuen.

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